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Pink October

31 Oct

We are on the last day of October, and with all honesty I think the entire city joined forces so no one can forget the implication of this PINK month. Raising awareness about routinely getting tested for Breast Cancer came through numerous events and activities ranging from the famous Burjuman Breast Cancer Walkathon to pink spa promotions, horse ridding gatherings, donating your hair to help cancer patients, designing a bra, fund-raiser, special pink cupcakes and the list goes on. 

The nice thing is that everyone took part and supported the cause including our male partners and little ones. Last week, I was at Zayed University Campus in Dubai and walking through the corridors, I noticed that the ceilings were  decorated with simple yet creative messages about breast cancer. This proves, once again, that everyone can play a role and save a life even the young ladies.    

Yes, because you are a mother, sister, daughter and friend you can help by starting with yourself and raising awareness among others to get checked.