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Abu Dhabi Art 2011

2 Nov

Have you been to Abu Dhabi Art last year?

Well, I have and I was left speechless, literary! What I saw was, mmmmm, how do I put my words, wonderful, astonishing, spectacular, remarkable,  marvelous, no no I’m still not getting there. It was beyond all these fluffy adjectives! Trust me, I’m not a person to be easily impressed  but what Art Abu Dhabi presented exceeded my expectations. You don’t have to be an art-appreciating folk to enjoy the exhibition; trust me, it carters to everyone. 

This year Abu Dhabi Art is back for another 4 days but moved to a new location; a location I believe will add another angle of creativity.  Saadiyal Island in Abu Dhabi is the UAE’s new cultural and art district. You see what I mean, art within art! How can beat that??

And to top it all, entrance is free… hurry up register now and see you there!

Royal Opera House Muscat

26 Oct

You might have seen these ads for the Royal Opera House Muscat before, but thought of sharing them for those who haven’t… Coming from an advertising background, I can’t neglect the originality in these ads. Hats off to TBWA Dubai.

They are just full of creativity, passion, culture, history not to mention a soft dreamy effect… What do you think?


Royal Opera House Muscat – Carmen


Royal Opera House Muscat – Swan Lake


Royal Opera House Muscat – Turandot