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Colorful Scarves – Winter & Summer

22 Nov

English speakers call them scarves, Arabs say shawls, Indian refer to them as pashminas and French say foulard. The former names might have some effects on size, shape or material but the outcome is almost always the same.

 I promised you an intensive course in scarves, or whatever you choose to call them, and I’m keeping my promise.   

 The following collection is about trendiness, color, and sometimes freshness… These beautiful scarves can work for both winter and summer time as their material is soft… I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Zara wool scarf. AED 295


Zara printed scarf. AED 145


Zara jacquard pattern scarf. AED 325


Zara Fringed checked scarf. AED 145


Zara Tricolour jaquard pattern scarf. AED 295


Zara Jacquard pattern scarf. AED 295


Zara feather print scarf. AED 115


Zara Butterfly scarf. AED 125


Zara Printed scarf. AED 95


Uterque Foulard with small floral print. AED 450


Uterque Foulard flowers. AED 395


Uterque Foulard flowers and leaves contrast. AED 450


Uterque Foulard diagonal flowers. AED 450


Uterque Foulard birds and mushrooms. AED 325


Uterque Floral print foulard with double border. AED 395


Topshop Ostrich Print Scarf. AED 110


River Island yellow rose and heart print snood. AED 80


Pull & Bear Patchwork look foulard. AED 99


Pull & Bear Floral print foulard. AED 99


Pull & Bear Check & polka dot print foulard. AED 99


Pull & Bear Floral print foulard. AED 75


Pull & Bear bird print foulard. AED 75


Oasis Wild Floral. AED 79


Oasis Shoe Print Conversational Scarf. AED 115


Oasis Oversized Love Heart Print Scarf. AED 125


Oasis Lantern Print Scarf. AED 129


Oasis Bright Animal Scarf. AED 129


LOVE Promod Light print wool stole. AED 139


Miss Selfridge Navy Skull Scarf. AED 89


Miss Selfridge Floral Lace Snood. AED 89


Miss Selfridge Black Gypsy Floral Scarf. AED 89


Massimo Dutti Wool Magnolia scarf. AED 239


Massimo Dutti Wool floral scarf. AED 199


Massimo Dutti Three-colour scarf. AED 169


Massimo Dutti Python & polka dot print scarf. AED 169


Massimo Dutti Forest flowers scarf. AED 239


Massimo Dutti Diamond pattern silk scarf. AED 199


Massimo Dutti Cashmere print scarf. AED 169


Massimo Dutti Bottle green print scarf. AED 169


Massimo Dutti Blu print wool scarf. AED 199


Forever 21 Zig Zag Scarf. AED 39


Forever 21 Zig Zag Pattern Scarf. AED 39


Forever 21 Paisley & Floral Scarf. AED 45


Forever 21 Light & Easy Scarf. AED 35


H&M Shawl. AED 49


ASOS Warehouse Feather Print Multi Print Scarf. AED 129


ASOS Pieces Hawa Floral Long Scarf. AED 65


ASOS Mango Lindo Frayed Floral Scarf. AED 105


ASOS Pieces Paula Colour Block Scarf. AED 59


ASOS Ikkat Print Patchwork Scarf. AED 69


ASOS Oasis Love Heart Scarf. AED 119


ASOS Codello Silk Lace Pom Pom Scarf. AED 399


Accessorize Rose Floral Print Square Scarf. AED 99


LOVE Accessorize Lily Blurred Floral Stole. AED 119


Accessorize Moody Blues Print Scarf. AED119


Accessorize Half and Half Square Scarf. AED 139


Accessorize Abby Boho Patchwork Square Scarf. AED 105


Accessorize Floral Print Snood. AED 129


Accessorize Contrast Rose Jacquard Stole. AED 129


Accessorize Cherry Blossom Wool Stole. AED 205


Accessorize Bold Gypsy Paisley Stole. AED 119


Winter Accessory – Faux Fur

19 Nov

Scarves are usually a good investment even if they were slightly expensive ones. That’s because they tend to be a carried on item from season to season & year after year. It’s like a never-fading trend- despite the color, texture or style. Personally, I own around 40 scarves that I collected over the years. Some of them go back to my undergraduate years! Please don’t ask when was that :$

However, this season a new addition to scarves was introduced.  Fur is rocking this Winter & we see it big in vests, jackets & scarves… I need to stress that it’s important to make sure that the ones we decide to buy are faux fur regardless how big or small the item is… No need to kill to get warm and fashionable… Let’s be sensible!

Checkout some of the faux fur scarves availble in stores…


Zara fur stole. AED 125 (Also comes in Brown)


Zara Mongolian fur stole. AED 425




River Island orange faux fur scarf. AED 105


River Island dark grey marabou collar. AED 145


River Island yellow faux fur tippet. AED 105


River Island brown faux fur tippet scar. AED 129


River Island purple faux fur tippet scarf. AED 105


River Island grey faux fur tippet scarf. AED 89


River Island brown faux fur patch work scarf. AED 189


Promod Cross-over feather scarf. AED 150


Promod Faux fur scarf. AED 100


H&M Fake fur collar. AED 79


Forever 21 Faux Fur Scarf. AED 49


ASOS Premium Long Faux Fur Scarf. AED 189 --- GORGEOUS


ASOS Premium Long Fantasy Fur Scarf. AED 235


ASOS Faux Fur Red Scarf. AED 119


Accessorize Plush Faux Fur Tippet. AED 129


Accessorize Dinky Faux Fur Tippet. AED 119

Winter Accessory – Knitted Scarves

18 Nov

Almost all of us, at least once in our lives, have received a knitted item from our grandmas, moms, aunties… It’s usually a cute gift, very personal & with an effort behind it. In the past, knitted items were mainly hand-made & that sort of limited creativity & designs. Nowadays, knitting machines are producing beautiful products decorated with many details such as ruffles, extra crochet touches, color combinations…

Knitted scarves are easy to wear, warm, cozy and super comfortable. Lately, we have been seeing a large beautiful range of unique & modern scarves… It’s a simply a must have Winter accessory for both slightly warm & cold Winters.

The festive season is approaching; scarves could be a nice gift for your friends. With around 40 options below, I’m sure you will be able to find a couple that you will love 😉



Zara wise stripe scarf. AED 155


Zara scarf with fringes. AED 195


Topshop Cable Plait Snood. AED 130


Topshop Pumpkin Cable Scarf. AED 95

River Island black faux fur tippet scarf. AED 120


Pull & Bear aran stitch look scarf. AED 119 (Also comes in green, white & black)


Pull & Bear stripe print blend scarf. AED 129


Pull & Bear bufanda trenzada. AED 129


Promod Soft fringed scarf. AED 125


Promod Ribbed knit snood. AED 90


Promod Long mohair mix scarf white. AED 100


Miss Selfridge Camel Crochet Scarf. AED 119


Miss Selfridge Ochre Bobble Scarf. AED 105


Miss Selfridge Tartan Blanket Scarf. AED 119


Mango Openwork knit scarf. AED 149 (Also comes in Orange)


Mango Cable knit scarf. AED 175


Forever 21 Prism Knit Scarf. AED 50


Forever 21 Colorful Knitted scarf. AED 50


Forever 21 Cable Knit Scarf. AED 55


H&M Scarf. 109 AED


ASOS Whistles Orlena Loose Knit Scarf. AED 125


ASOS Warehouse Knit Leopard Scarf. AED 149


ASOS Warehouse Cable & Waffle Scarf. AED 95


ASOS Bright Intarsia Knit Snood. AED 119


ASOS Premium Wool Mix Cable and Bobble Knit Snood white. AED 175


ASOS Loose Rib Knitted Snood. AED 70


ASOS Pieces Huon Multi Knit Snood. AED 79


ASOS Metallic Geo Knit Snood. AED 95


ASOS Polka Dot Pom Pom Scarf. AED 149


ASOS Metallic Geo Knit Snood. AED 95


ASOS Alice Hannah Preppy College Scarf. AED 140


Accessorize Open Crochet Tassel Triangle Scarf. AED 130


Accessorize Lurex Ruffle Pom Pom Scarf. AED 119


Accessorize Pom Pom Scarf. AED 129


Accessorize Multi Crochet Triangle Scarf. AED 165


Accessorize Chunky Patchwork Cable Scarf. AED 140


Accessorize Chunky Ikat Tassel Snood. AED 140


Accessorize Asymmetric Lofty Ladder Snood. AED 129


Accessorize Two Tone Crochet Border Triangle Scarf. AED 165

And this is a generous knitted scarf; from soft acrylic yarn, with small crochet flowers & leaves. It’s very versatile & can be worn in many ways. It comes in several rich shades; soft raspberry, royal blue, turquoise, black, petrol blue, lemon grass, light brown, olive-green…  The designer promises that her scarves are made with love, Can’t you tell?

KnitsbyVara available at http://www.etsy.com. AED 149


Must Have Winter Accessory

17 Nov

Yayyyy, it’s finally time to update our wardrobes with the new season’s outfits! Change is good, refreshing, not to mention that it gives us a valid excuse to… hmmmm… shop! 😉

In the past, winter clothes were associated with dark colors; black, grey, navy blue and rarely burgundy.  I used to hate winter clothes for that but nowadays, designers are injecting more colors into their Winter collections and metallics are leading this season! 

Since it doesn’t really get that cold here, it’s sometime tricky to mix and match… Mastering layering is essential & helps you to stay away from the boring Winter looks. However, it can make accessorizing harder, hence I like to focus on the winter accessory; scarves.

Aside from the fact that they really help in keeping us warm, scarves add an elegant touch to any outfit. Bright scarves light up an outfit, silk ones are very classy for a formal look, knitted ones are cozy & designed cashmere ones can become THE outfit!  

I’m starting my posts on scarves with the animal print ones… Stay tuned for more 😉


Zara Zebra scarf. AED 115


Zara two-tone leopard print scarf (also comes in grey). AED 175


Zara snake print scarf. AED 145


Zara snake print scarf. AED 125


Zara printed scarf. AED 125


Zara leopard print scarf. AED 95


Zara animal print scarf. AED 75


Uterque multicoloured leopard foulard. AED 450


Topshop leopard print scarf. AED 95


Topshop leopard jacquard scarf. AED 105


River Island grey leopard print shimmer lurex scarf. AED 90


River Island black print scarf. AED 90


River Island grey leopard print scar. AED 80


River Island brown butterfly photographic print scarf. AED 90


Pull & Bear blue snake print scarf. AED 99


Pull & Bear leopard print foulard. AED 99


Oasis Small Print Leopard Scarf. AED 105


Love Oasis Snake Jacquard Scarf. AED 130


Miss Selfridge Animal Print Scarf. AED 95


Mango animal print scarf. AED 149


Forever 21 Metallic Animal Spot Scarf. AED 40


Forever 21 Leopard Print Scarf. AED 50


ASOS Whistles Tiger Feather Silk Scarf. AED 210


Warehouse Cheetah Print Scarf. AED 80


ASOS Pieces Lenna Multi Print Tube Scarf. AED 59


ASOS Mango Manchas Animal Print Scarf. AED 205


Accessorize Snow Leapord. AED 115


Accessorize Animal Print Imi Square Scarf. AED 85


Accessorize Animal Lurex Jacquard Stole. AED 90


Warehouse Baroque Animal Scarf. AED 130

Sophie’s Closet Vintage Collection

14 Nov

Day after day, and as this blog grows, I will be revealing more and more on my fashion obsessions & weak points! Yes, I do have plenty of those when it comes to fashion. Unlike many other fashionistas, my obsession with bags is somehow controllable but my accessories obsession is way far from control. One day, I will share with you some pics of my accessories wall… Any guesses what does that mean? 😉

Anyways, I always look for unique and affordable pieces; earings & necklaces, top my list. Whether in stores I personally shop at or online, my search is on going. At most times, I try to make my accessories the focal point of my outfit. I’m a strong believer that accessories can easily dress up or dress down an outfit; and you will have a new look with a simple touch.

One of the online destinations that I have shopped at once is Sophie’s Closet. The website offers a wide selection of unique pieces, some of which were spotted on our FAV TV show Gossip Girl! It also source some beautiful vintage pieces. Dubai residents receive their purchased items in no time and will be very pleased to see the pinky posh packaging! Breathtaking!   

Unfortunately, not all the pieces are within a monthly affordable budget, simply because their items are of renowned brands, hand-picked and sourced internationally. The earings I bought goes well with evening gowns and sparkle beautifully in the light… I paid around AED 750 but totally worth it and stays for a life time!  

Personally I’m a BIG fan of their huge earings collection, and their latest addition to the vintage collection is going to definitely prove me right!