My name is Lara Al Nagi, I’m originally Jordanian but was born and bred in the UAE. Currently I have a full time job in PR and I’m a part time Masters student with a crazy passion for fashion! You have probably heard this cliché statement from a lot of fashionistas but I seriously started playing the dress up games ever since I was 4… well, my mom helped! These dress up games kept getting popular and eventually grew on me. Now, I’m my friends fashion dictionary to all occasion.

I’m not new to blogging, I started my first blog back in 2004, please don’t google it guys! As part on my university education, I was obliged to create one and hated it! After 7 years, I’m back but with no literature topics this time. This blogs is about affordable and chic fashion. We all dream of owning a Vera Wang gown, 5 Rolexs, 10 Birkins, 20 Louboutins, 30 Manolos and the list goes on and on… but let’s face it, not everyone is lucky enough to get hold of all these lollipops and if we do it could be our once in a year buy, more like the Christmas gift we look forward to every year.

 Here are my thoughts on fashion, art, lifestyle with a rush of loooove!     

 P.S. I think Apple should work on developing a dress up application, wouldn’t that be cool!

One Response to “About”

  1. Raida Al-Rousan December 19, 2011 at 5:18 pm #

    my and my friends really liked the website, you have alot of intresting things that people will like specially for people who dont have time..
    you should start putting some fashion stuff for guys.
    we really appreciate

    Raida, hamper and zayed

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