Velvet at Stradivarius

19 Dec

Winter fabrics usually include wool, jersey, cashmere,  fleece, fur, leather, velvet… The grand quality of these materials is what make them successful than others at keeping us sufficiently warm.

Velvet, in particular, has long been associated with elegance, prestige  and nobility. Remember those fancy dresses wealthy ladies wore in the old days? The one that Kate Winslet wore in Titanic?

kate blue velvet

To give you some history check on velvet, it was introduced to Baghdad during the rule of Haroon Al-Rasheed by Kashmiri merchants. In the Mamluk era, Cairo was the world’s largest producer of velvet. Much of it was exported to Venice, Al-Andalus and the Mali Empire. Musa I of Mali, the ruler of the Mali Empire, visited Cairo on his pilgrimage to Mecca. Many Arab velvet makers accompanied him back to Timbuktu. Later Ibn Battuta mentions how Suleyman (mansa) the ruler of Mali wore a locally produced complete crimson Velvet caftan on Eid.

Additionally, King Richard II of England directed in his will that his body should be clothed in velveto in 1399. “Source Wikipedia”

This winter, Stradivarius came up with unique velvet pieces that are a must buy… at least one of them 😉

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