29 Nov

How many LBD do you have in your wardrobe? I’m a super colorful person and have well over 12 of them!!

These three letters, immediately draw an image in the ladies’ heads – mainly associated with a sexy silhouette! Well… It better be! Wearing a LBD encompasses simple elegance and chic like no other fashion piece

The story of LBD started when Coco Chanel started wearing black after her lover Boy Capel died in 1919 (if you haven’t watched her movie, go do it now!)… and her designs thereafter were inspired by black mourning dresses worn by peasant women in small french villages she knew as a child. it wasn’t till 1961 when the young trendy Audrey Hepburn wore the famous Little Black Dress in Breakfast at Tiffany’s (one of my fav movies)… Although the dress wasn’t a Chanel design (It was Hubert de Givenchy), she did  embody Chanel’s spirit and live up to coco’s famous quote “a girl should be two things: classy and fabulous!

Coco Chanel also said “you can never be over nor under dressed in a little black dress”
The Little Black Dress is an easy option for those who don’t want to think creatively to look good(I can point at many of my friends who belong to the category :))… Creative or not, every girl should have at least one statement LBD in her wardrobe… Its a never fading, seasonless style despite the fluctuation in trends.
Just like any other item, LBD can be dressed up or down and go from work to play depending on your style and mode… Hepburn associated her LBD with pearls, Victoria Bechham opted for skyrocket heels!

Audrey Hepburn

Victoria Beckham

Whatever you decide adding to a LBD, weather it was a statement necklace, tights, killer shoes, colorful clutch, hair piece…. it will make you feel beautiful and fashionable.

Hey… Don’r forget to put on your ravishing lipstick!!! 🙂 Enjoy the selection of LBDs available in the market these days.

Topshop Lace dress – AED 295

Topshop Crepe Mini Peplum Dress – AED 290

Topshop Embosed Skater Dress – AED 300

Mango A-Line lace Dress – AED 239

Mango Crystal Peplum Dress – AED 359

Topshop Bandeau prom Dress – AED 295

H&M Chiffon dress with sparkly stones on the shoulders – AED 179

H&M Figure-fit dress in jersey and chiffon with a seam at the waist – AED 79

H&M Figure-fit jersey dress with lightly padded shoulders and a low-cut back – AED 109

H&M Figure-fit sleeveless dress with sequins at the front and a visible zip at the back – AED 199

H&M Figure-fit jersey dress with lace at the top – AED 79

H&M Flared jersey dress with a deep neckline and bow at the front – AED 99

H&M Short figure-fit jersey dress with a decorative cut – AED 79

H&M Short, figure-fit dress in jersey with rivets at the top of both the front and back- AED 109

H&M Sleeveless, gently flared dress with a peplum – AED 149

H&M Sleeveless dress with a lace top and chiffon skirt section – AED 109

H&M Straight chiffon dress with beaded embroidery at the top – AED 99

H&M Straight lace dress with gently flared sleeves – AED 149

H&M Straight dress in mesh with beaded embroidery on the front AED 199

H&M Straight style dress with cut-out sections and sequin embroidery at the top – AED 199

Topshop Lattice Waist Flippy Dress – AED 210

Topshop Lace Skater Dress – AED 195

Zara Peplum Dress – AED 250

Topshop Pearl Peplum Dress – AED 390

mango Polka-Dots Peplum Dress – Mango AED 235

River Island Black Bow Back Ruffle Dress – AED 360

River Island Black Cap Sleeve Stud Bodycon Dress – AED 185

River Island Black Embellished Velvet Prom Dress – AED 420

River Island Black Cut Out Bodycon dress – AED 155

River Island Black lace Insert Bodycon Dress – AED 195

River Island Black One Shoulder Ruffle Pencil Dress – AED 180

River Island Black Scuba Peplum Dress – AED 185

Topshop Scoop Back Feather Prom Dress – AED 480

River Island Black Sleeveless Wrap Front Dress – AED 195

River Island Black V Neck Mini Peplum Dress – AED 180

River Island Black Stud Belted Skater Dress – AED 360

Topshop Sequin Illusion Dress – AED 330

Mango Strass Combi Dress – AED 235

Mango Velvet and Metallic Dress – AED 359

Topshop Stud Bust Dress – AED 210

Topshop Verona Dress – AED 255

Warehouse Chiffon Panel Dress – AED 510

Warehouse Devore Burn Out Bodycon Dress – AED 330

Warehouse Feather Hem Dress – AED 780

Warehouse Embellished Shoulder Bodycon Dress – AED 330

Warehouse Lace Shoulder Wrap Dress – AED 330

Warehouse Lattice Back Dress – AED 450

Warehouse Layered Detail Leather Dress – AED 780

Warehouse Necklace Peplum Dress – AED 450

Warehouse Military Button Flared Dress – AED 285

Warehouse Pleat Rib Dress – AED 300

Zara Dress with Frilled Hem – AED 250

Warehouse V Front Jacquard Lace Peplum Dress – AED 290

Zara Dress with Jewelled Collar – AED 425

Zara Lace Dress With Feather Skirt – AED 575

Ax Paris Black Sequin Peplum Dress – AED 180

New Look Black Textured Drop Waist Sleeveless Dress – AED 105

New Look Mela Black Embellished Shoulder Capped Sleeve Dress – AED 180

New Look Chi Chi Black Lace Sleeveless Peplum Dress – AED 295

Lipstick Boutique with Lydia Bright Georgia Black Lace Prom Dress – AED 450 (Available at New Look)

New Look Jumpo Black Dip Hem Ruffle Dress – AED 140

New Look Parisian Black Spike Stud Shoulder Peplum Dress – AED 150

Zuzi Zuzi Black and Gold Studded Shoulder Shift Dress – AED 150 (Available at New Look)

New Look Black Lace Long Sleeve Dress – AED 105

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