Winter Accessory – Faux Fur

19 Nov

Scarves are usually a good investment even if they were slightly expensive ones. That’s because they tend to be a carried on item from season to season & year after year. It’s like a never-fading trend- despite the color, texture or style. Personally, I own around 40 scarves that I collected over the years. Some of them go back to my undergraduate years! Please don’t ask when was that :$

However, this season a new addition to scarves was introduced.  Fur is rocking this Winter & we see it big in vests, jackets & scarves… I need to stress that it’s important to make sure that the ones we decide to buy are faux fur regardless how big or small the item is… No need to kill to get warm and fashionable… Let’s be sensible!

Checkout some of the faux fur scarves availble in stores…


Zara fur stole. AED 125 (Also comes in Brown)


Zara Mongolian fur stole. AED 425




River Island orange faux fur scarf. AED 105


River Island dark grey marabou collar. AED 145


River Island yellow faux fur tippet. AED 105


River Island brown faux fur tippet scar. AED 129


River Island purple faux fur tippet scarf. AED 105


River Island grey faux fur tippet scarf. AED 89


River Island brown faux fur patch work scarf. AED 189


Promod Cross-over feather scarf. AED 150


Promod Faux fur scarf. AED 100


H&M Fake fur collar. AED 79


Forever 21 Faux Fur Scarf. AED 49


ASOS Premium Long Faux Fur Scarf. AED 189 --- GORGEOUS


ASOS Premium Long Fantasy Fur Scarf. AED 235


ASOS Faux Fur Red Scarf. AED 119


Accessorize Plush Faux Fur Tippet. AED 129


Accessorize Dinky Faux Fur Tippet. AED 119

One Response to “Winter Accessory – Faux Fur”

  1. Jennifer November 19, 2011 at 4:40 pm #

    Love this trend – perfect to add a touch of glamout to an outfit, I blogged about faux fur today too – Jen xoxo

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