Kardashian Kollection Handbags; is it a tribute, inspiration or?

10 Nov

The Kardashians stories and gossip are on the tip of the tongues of most us whether we are in Dubai, LA, Tokyo or London, we constantly mention them… Like them or not, they are now among the most famous celebrities! It’s a fact!

I might be harsh sometimes with my criticism of their social life but I have to admit one good thing about them… They are one truly unified family. I mean they can’t act 24/7 on their reality show; there must be some truth to the story. Another undeniable fact that they so know how to take advantage of their fame… I’m talking $$$$ here!

Obviously, as an extension of the endless fashion product placements they have doing for years, the family launched their fashion line; KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION! The line carries apparel, accessories and handbags! Luckily, their Kollections is affordable – smart move I guess.  

The unwise move is that recently the handbag collection was accused of copy right infringement as they look like a lot of other designer bags. When I saw the first similarity, I thought it could be just a tribute to the designers and when I saw the second one I was like it could be inspired by the style only. BUT after the 3rd, 4th and 5th similarity…. Ohh boy, this can’t be real!!! It must be the divorce… or maybe Dubai’s heat… Take a look and leave your comments 😉

Balenciaga on the right

Chloe on the right

YSL on the right

Chanel on the right

Foley + Corinna on the right

Alexander Wang on the right

Proenza Schouler on the right

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