Creepy New Versace for H&M Commercial

10 Nov

I’m not sure I’m a big fan of this commercial for some reason I feel its creepy!

All the models are clones of Donatella Versace who are in, sort of, a Versace  factory… There is a scene towards the middle of the commercial, where the model in a purple dress is spinning inside a human size golden wheel, that reminds me of scientific experiments on mice as they use a similar wheel, right?  And what’s with the music??

On top of that I wasn’t fond of the idea that Lindsey Wixson & Daphne Groeneveld appeared as puppets! Its just that the whole vibe of the commorcial is like these models are slaves in a glamourous & colorful setup.    

Overall, the PR & advertising for the Versace for H&M collaboration was a huge success worldwide but this commercial was a drawback… It’s my personal opinion and I’m happy to hear yours, maybe I’ll change my mind 😉 Have a look!



Here are some photos from the recent Versace for H&M show at the H&M on the Hudson at NYC.





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