3 Nov
I hope everyone had a great Halloween!
To be honest, I was hesitant to start a post on Halloween; I had it saved as a draft for 3 days! No reason for the delay, just wasn’t too big on the idea of sharing random people’s pics without their consent, although most agreed to pose!

But yesterday I was reading the news to find two contradicting stories on the same person and couldn’t stop laughing… You couldn’t have missed the news on Kim Kardashain’s divorce and all the drama and negative publicity, could you?  As soon as the announcement came out, twitter, FB, official media channels and glossy publications rushed to talk about it and analyze its implications; especially after the fairy tale wedding… I was actually wondering, how is Vera Wand dealing with this? Will her wedding dresses get this negative association of a 72 day marriage? Is it a bad omen for brides? Hmmmm… Very possible! Watch out Ms. Wang! 

Despite all the harsh publicity, Kim celebrated Halloween in full force! Yes I am serious, she had a Poison Ivy costume!! Common K, don’t be the victim here, we know very well what you are after…

Check out her outfit below along with some pics I managed to take at the Halloween party at Nasimi Beach. Any guesses on what was I dressed as? 😉 Xxx

Kim Kardashian in Poison Ivy Halloween Costume

Cat women

Marlin Monro & her Asian fish man.... lover I guess!

Sexy PoliceWoman and the fugitive!


Wooooo! Devilish!!

Greek goddesses

Sweet devils 🙂

Body painted smurf

Jack Sparrow wanna be... Oh Common, no one will get there!!

Country girl


Fred & Wilma with cat woman and a spider lady I guess?!



Bat woman

Belly Dancer

Beautiful Bride, or wanna be bride!

One funny outfit! 🙂


Emily Rose

bumblebee texting



70s hippie

Ewwww... 🙂

No comment!

Cute Super Mario!

Baby and....mommy I guess

Twin Hippies!!

Some outfits looked nicer from the back!

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